My Love For Travel…

By Marcella Simmons


Traveling is one of my favorite hobbies in addition to writing and spending time with my family. Now that all my children are grown (I think they are! lol), I spend as much time with their children as I did with them or at least I try to.


Every year, I take a trip somewhere and try and bring all the grand kids so that I make up for lost time! Reminds of the show Cheaper by the Dozen! Gettin’ close, that’s for sure. My love and passion for traveling didn’t just start when I got grown. Somewhere in the growing up process, it was hidden in the layers somewhere – I just found it later on in life!! Here’s my story:


When I was a little girl, I use to love Social Studies at school. Studying about many different parts of the world and the history of how people lived me intrigued me, which probably shaped me the way I am today. Going on vacation is a lot of fun but it also affords me the luxury of going to new and exotic places and meeting new people. All in all, if someone says, ‘Ready to go?’, you can bet you’ll see me, bags packed and all ready to go. It’s funny really, because stay packed and prepared just in case there is some where to go!


My grand kids are already lining up and getting things ready for our June trip this year. We’re leaving on the 6th of June and coming home on the 5th of July. There will be about car loads of us journeying together, touring Arkansas, Texas, Mexico and Colorado. We’re taking all the grands this year, and some of the mommies and daddies, too! Can’t forget about them!!!


A few years ago, we took the grand kids to Albuquerque, New Mexico. Nicolas, then only 4 or 5, was all into dinosaurs and that sought of thing. When we got there, we took him to the dinosaur museum and we all watched Dinosaurs Alive! At that time, I too became intrigued with dinosaurs and find myself looking for fossils when we’re out and about several years later. Needless to say, Nicolas expected to see a real live dinosaur come out of the Sandia Mountains and was disappointed and cried when we left because he didn’t get to see one.


He’s nine now and it’s Godzilla, Final Wars and all those kind of SciFi stuff that he is intrigued with! When we’re travelling through places like Dallas, especially the downtown area, he gets excited because his imagination is running wild with play acting of Godzillas vs. Megashark and things like that. You know what I’m talking about!!! (lol)


I have been travelling to various places since the early 90’s and love every minute of it. My family don’t mind because we do so many interesting things on our trips! Believe me, there is never a dull moment! It’s more fun when you have the kids along. When it’s just me and hubby, we sleep in and wish we had them along to have something to do! Strange, huh? We can’t wait for the day our own kids are grown and then we can’t wait for the day the grand kids come to show us a good time!!!


You might  think we’re gypsies because we don’t mind off somewhere in a safe spot under a tree and having a family picnic. That’s the fun of it! People pass by and smile – I just wish I knew what they were thinking. Oh sure, we can afford a MacDonald’s meal once in awhile but we prefer sitting together and enjoying each other’s company in our own little world. So if you happen by us one day just chillin’ under a tree, think nothing of it. It’s a family thing!


Our little caravan will be making it’s way come early June and I can’t hardly wait. Some of my bags are ready and the tents, air mattresses and towels are packed and ready to go. When we camp out at State Parks, everyone conveniently forgets their towels because they don’t have enough room when they pack but they know I make room! It’s usually 2 towels per family and the rest are mine!!!


Some people say they hate camping out because it’s hard work. Probably so, but camping is what you make of it. I don’t particularly like ‘roughing it’, staying in places without bathrooms and showers. Truthfully, it’s dangerous staying in unfamiliar places in tents – that’s why we prefer the state parks because there are usually forest rangers around in case of emergencies and they have decent bathrooms with toilet paper and showers! Most charge twenty five cents per minute but that’s okay. Ma’maw always brings a few roles of quarters rolled up in the towels for that; and the sun screen, the bug spray, hair detangler, extra bars of soap, baby wipes and powder, chap stick for everyone, hand lotion, a few extra roles of toilet paper, cough drops and children’s fever medicine and antibiotic ointment and band aids; the flash lights and extra batteries for everyone! Oh, believe me, I try and remember everything!


Camping out is a lot of fun too! It’s more convenient staying in fancy motels with pools but children these days need to see the world outside once in awhile. When we vacation, we do both! At the camps, we spend quality family time together making things, eating together and working together. Sitting around the campfire at night telling stories without the interruption of phones, computers, or TV’s makes our time together special. We learn things about each other – we bond! And sleeping on an air mattress isn’t too bad as long as it don’t deflate!


Well, that’s about it for now! We’ll see you guys (or not!!!) in early June. Happy Trails to You, and Be Safe on Your Journeys!


Till We Meet Again


Marcy Simmons

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